Message from the Secretary – February 2018


I would like to welcome new members Felicia Doherty, Loren Collins, Jesse Graney, Karen Koskinen, Phil Leavitt, Ryan Green, Dan Lawrence, Dylan Toews, Pam Penny, Fiona Wilson, Lowell Wallace, and Bill Frye.

Anyone interested in BARTENDING should sign up for the LEADS Class at If you have any questions, call me at the Lodge (707) 442-6652. This certification will be mandatory for all bartenders. Additionally, Bartenders School for our lodge will be held Sunday, Feb. 11th at 10:00 am. Call and register if you are interested in tending bar. We will need your name and phone number.

FYI, Grand Lodge will be sending out delinquent notices. If you receive one in the mail and are not or do not want to renew your membership, disregard the notice. Those of you that do not want to renew for whatever reason, will be dropped automatically. If you have received a notice and do not want to be dropped, please call the office. 707-442-6652.