Eureka Elks 652

Lodge Secretary's Corner...

  by Ernie Nunes

Let's welcome to new members!

It has been busy here with the DDGER visitation and inspection. We will be sending out Dues Statements to those who haven’t paid their dues for this year. School is starting and Pine Hill School needs volunteers for the after-school reading program. If you are interested call 445-5933.

Did you know that the Great Northwest District #920 has their own website to share district-specific information including lodge info/locations, events, and updates? Visit "" today to see what's going on in our district. (Please Note: some pages on the site are password protected -- most are protected because they include individual contact or other similarly sensitive information).

Contact me if you need access to particular information.

Ernie Nunes, PER
Lodge Secretary

Coast Guard Appreciation


127 U. S. Coast Guard (USCG) members with 173 guests shared an evening dinner and celebration with Eureka Elks members, friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and Rotarians on August 10th. The Elks Lodge with the Rotary Clubs of Eureka, Southwest Eureka, and Old Town combined to host an evening steak dinner to honor the 227 year founding of the USCG. The Elks and Rotary Clubs hosted and served the dinner plus grilled, boxed and delivered 14 dinners to service men and women who were on duty and unable to attend. For more information go to
Pictured are Eureka Elks Exalted Ruler, Jennifer Cory and Commander Kevin Barres

Leading Knights' Corner

  by Dennis Hunter

In 1950, the California-Hawaii Elks Association (CHEA) created an organization within it to help children with disabilities. The organization is called the California-Hawaii Elks Major Project, Inc. (CHEMPI). This unique program funds 32 paid therapists and preschool vision screeners, hired by CHEMPI, to help disabled children when no other organizations can or will. These CHEMPI professional therapists and preschool vision screeners travel, sometimes great distances, to help children get the care they need. The fundraising arm of CHEMPI is the Purple Pig. All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Your Elks Lodge has several events planned to raise money for the Purple Pig. On Sunday, September 17th, a series of football tailgate parties will take place at the lodge. Come on out and root for the San Francisco 49ers as they take on the Seattle Seahawks. All our HD TV's will be tuned into the football action. Tailgating will start at noon.

Starting on Wednesday, October 4th, bring your Purple Pigs to the lodge. If your pig is full of coins – not just pennies - you'll get a free dinner.

On Saturday, November 18th, have fun at our annual men's fashion show and auction. And, on Sunday, February 11, 2018, dress up your Purple Pig and come to the annual Purple Pig dinner. The Best Dressed Purple Pig will win a prize!

Fellowship, funds, and fun! Take part in these exciting events and come on out to enjoy the lodge. We're looking forward to seeing you.

As Leading Knight, my main area of responsibility is to raise funds for the Purple Pig or our Major Project. I have several events planned, some around the upcoming baseball season. Remember the phrase: "baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie". Stay tuned. You'll read all about it first in the Herd Talk.

Dennis Hunter,
Leading Knight

Loyal Knight's Corner

  by Gwen Carroll

Once again the Octoberfest is on the docket and as your Loyal Knight, I am planning this ever popular event. The date is Saturday, October 14th. Once again our own Hans Gerstacker will be in the kitchen fixing only the most wonderful meal. The menu includes Wiener schnitzel, German sausage, hot potato salad, red cabbage and various desserts. All this for only $20.00 per plate. This event has always been a must attend the affair, so mark your calendars and plan on it. We will have limited seating, so call and make your reservations today. This is the major fundraiser for ENF, which as you know, stands for Elk’s National Foundation which provides charitable funding for projects nationally and here in our community too. We will need help serving that night, if you would like to help, please call me at 498-3101 or call the Lodge Office at 442-6652 and leave your name and number with Nina. I will continue to keep you updated on this event.

Loyal Knight
Gwen Carroll

Redwood Roamers


The Roamers held their monthly meeting on August 2nd. Two new people signed up to be Roamers; we now have 41 RVs in the club. Seven RVs/Roamers left on August 3rd for the Diamond Lake outing and had a great time. Trail Blazers Jim & Ivey Boyd did a great job with help from Wheel Greasers, Bob & Cheryl Holt. They had hors d'oeuvres on Thursday night with camp fire. After a hike to some spectacular water falls, Hank Beck cooked tri-tip to perfection for BBQ and potluck on Friday night. Saturday night some went to Crater Lake Lodge.

The next outings are to Sisters, Oregon Aug 25-28, Apple Hill Sept. 7-10, Sonoma County Fairgrounds Oct 6-8, Benbow RV Park in November, and Olema Campground at Point Reyes National Park TBA.

If you are interested in joining the Roamers or any of the outings, our next meeting will be September 6th, at 4:30 in the Lodge, please feel free to attend.

PERs' Association

  Brad Smith

This is the first article that I can remember as coming from the Past Exalted Rulers, better known as PERs. I thought that I would let the readers know what we are all about. First, an officer must have completed their year as a local Lodge Exalted ruler and attended a Grand Lodge session to become a PER. PERs are members of Grand Lodge, and as such, have a vote on Grand Lodge matters. A local Lodge by statute must have a Past Exalted Rulers Association.

The PER Association elects its own officer and conducts its own business meetings. The association acts as a mentoring group to all Lodge Officers, assists the Exalted Ruler in conducting the business of the Lodge, and makes recommendations for committee appointments and candidates for officers. Simply speaking, PERs have been there and done that before, so their experience can be relied on to assist in the betterment the Lodge. PERs can move up into District, State, and National positions. Currently or Lodge has several PERs that have advanced in Elkdom. We have one past State President (PSP), one Past Area Vice President (PAVP), and four Past District Deputy Grand Exalted Rulers (PDDGER). Currently, Jim Olson, who is a PDDGER, is a District Leader in our district, and Brad Smith, who is also a PDDGER, is the California and Hawaii State Chairman for the Elks Drug Awareness Program.

The PER Association raises money on their own usually through a Lodge event. They put that money back into Elkdom in one form or another. The Bronze Elk and the Veteran’s Wall near the Lodge entrance are PER projects. The white fence around the back lawn is another PER project. We will continue supporting Elkdom and our Lodge by doing specific projects and contributing to specific events. We will continue to support the officer corps through mentoring.

Brad Smith,
Past Exalted Ruler

Herd Talk via Email?

Are you interested?  

Are you interested in receiving the Herd Talk via e-mail? With your written permission and your e-mail address, we may send the newsletter electronically. If there is enough interest (and technological mail-merge knowledge) we can give it a try in the near future. Drop a written note to the Clerk in the front office that includes: Your Name, Elk number, and e-mail address.